Baltic Bio Fusion

We are a biotechnology and food innovation company that creates healthy products, considering individual human needs and striving for sustainability.

Our focus

Advanced Fermentations

The innovation is based on the functionalization method of bran and the creation of a delivery system, which is ensuring stability during storage and controlled release of lactic acid bacteria cells during digestion.

Research & Developing

At this time we are developing products such as military MRE, individual food for (Alzheimer’s, sport, kids). Sustainability and zero food waste is an integral and important part of this process.

Consultations, Private Labeling

We are here to find the best innovative solutions for your needs.

Upcomming products

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NeuroBite is the first probiotic bar based on functionalized bran and raspberries/blueberries supplemented with lion mane and ashwagandha that combines the health benefits of probiotics, prebiotics, and antimicrobial agents in a single convenient
delivery system.

Fermented Drinks for Kids crafted with the nourishing power of probiotics, Ashwagandha and enhanced with fermented oats. These beverages provide a delicious and wholesome solution for young adventurers. By supporting cognitive development and gut health, they empower children to thrive both mentally and physically.

Fermented Fiber Mixture blend offers a comprehensive approach to gut activity and are the perfect choice for intermittent fasting enthusiasts ready to break their fast with ease. Infused with Ashwagandha, biologically active 10 probiotic strains. Spanish sage seeds and enriched with the goodness or fermented oats or rice bran.

Our Team

Tadas Gudėnas


Rūta Jukonytė


Vitalija Gudėnaitė


Tadas Gintauskas

Growth hacker

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Baltic Bio Fusion is actively involved in collaborative research projects, not only to expand our knowledge but also to provide practical benefits to our customers.
We invite you to join our community, share your ideas and work together to create innovative solutions for healthy lifestyles and nutrition.


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